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Shaklee photaShaklee has been such an answer to prayer in my life in so many ways. First, the products have given me energy and an ability to handle a crazy few years.  The stress of a strained marriage showed up in my health.  The year prior to joining Shaklee, I had had scarlet fever twice.  Needless to say, I was in desperate need of nutritional supplementation. Shaklee has the best. They are the #1natural nutrition company in the country. And the nontoxic cleaning products have had a positive impact on my allergies.  Stress relief formula became my best friend some days.  You can even ask the kids!!  I can't forget to mention VIVIX, Shaklee's anti-aging tonic!

On the financial side, Shaklee has really provided a tremendous opportunity for me. I am a single stay at home mom of three wonderful kids - Wesley 19, Hannah 16 and Noah 14.  When my marriage fell apart years ago, I hadn't worked in over 10 years.
 And I had homeschooled my children. So my goal, as any mom's would be, was to keep their lives stable. But the question was how to do that. Shaklee was the answer.

Well, my journey to Shaklee was interesting. I had seen the possibility of social marketing with a friend who was with a different company. She was able to start a business and in 4 years have a monthly income of $25,000 a month. This got my attention and gave me a vision, but the product line didn't resonate with me as well as it was a limited product line. And I wasn't convinced that it would be sustainable over time so I continued my search. I also knew I needed to make the most of my time so I wanted a highly consumable product line with a width of products. One acid test for me is to believe in the products to the point that I would use them even if I weren't building a business.  I wanted products that are in demand as well as products that worked.  And the fact that the average Shaklee customer has been using products for well over a decade showed me this is a solid company.  So Shaklee fit the bill. 
You might wonder where is Shaklee headed.  With the visionary leadership of CEO and owner Roger and Sloan Barnett, I see an unlimited future.  Shaklee is also poised for world wide expansion. We intend to be in 50 countries in the next ten years. Currently, Shaklee is in the US, Canada, Mexico, Japan, Malaysia, Japan, China, and Indonesia.   And the recent introduction of Mindworks and the new Life Plan, this shows that Shaklee will continue to be a trailblazer in the nutritional supplement industry.  Life Plan is the best, most comprehensive nutritional system in the world.
I feel privileged to partner with Shaklee.  In 2000, Shaklee was the first company in the world certified neutral well before it became popular. And Shaklee's Get Clean, one of Oprah's favorites in 2007, is now making the White House green! All of Shaklee products are backed by a 100% guarantee.

I have had such a wonderful and fun time building my business. We have a great team. I enjoy spending time with old friends and new all while helping others.  My rank and income continue to increase.  I enjoyed my first Shaklee incentive trip to Hawaii for 6 days. Another year, the kids and I were able to take a trip to the Mayan Riveria. We qualified early!!  My oldest particularly loved the extra excursion (paid for by Shaklee) where we drove ATV in the jungle and waverunners on the ocean.  He just wished that he could have driven!!
Honestly,what single mom can afford to take her kids away for 6 days to such a luxury resort? I do feel blessed to have found Shaklee. It has provided me with hope, opportunity and freedom.  

I would love to talk to you more about
 either the products or the business opportunity to see if Shaklee might be a fit for you. Feel free to call me at (978)500-9769.